My Memories of Wythenshawe in the 1950s 

Fred Harrison, AKA - Fred The Red's Memories:

I was born at number 8 Walney Road in 1939.  I was one of nine children, 5 who were born in Ancoats and four in Walney Road and I went to Brownley Green School from the age of 6 until I was 14.  I played football for Benchill Lads Club, based at the Cedars and we had to travel from the Cedars in Woodhouse Lane to the football field we used which was in Peel Hall.   We used to cut through someone’s garden to get there – dressed in our football kit.  When I became too old to play for the Lad’s Club I went on to play for Haveley Rangers, who met on Tuesday evenings at the Sharston Hotel.

In 1958 I had to undertake my National Service and in 1960 I met my future wife and when we married we bought a house in Gorton for the sum of £200 !!! . . . My brothers names are Bill, Bob and Arthur and my sisters are called Joan, Flo, Ethel, Mary and Muriel.  That is enough about me and my family now ! . . . Here are some of my recollections of the part of Wythenshawe where I grew up.

Woodhouse Lane started in Sharston, just off Brownley Road, and at the time went through Brownley Green, across Crossacres Road, down by the side of  “The Smithy” (now demolished) and then on to Ringway Road.  My friends and I used to walk from Brownley Green to the end of Woodhouse Lane, then we turned right at a corner shop on to Ringway Road, past the Airport (Ringway as it was then) and then on to the Romper pub.  From there we went on to Wilmslow Road where we turned left then sharp right down the hill to Castle Mills, for swimming.  It must have taken about 30 minutes to get from Benchill to the Bollin.

I am not sure if anybody would remember going to Brownwood Hall, one night a week?.  There was a magic lantern show and we all got a piece of fruit and a warm drink.  We also went on from the Cedars to Sharston Hall where we attended the Army Cadets and the boxing club.  While we were still at Benchill Lads Club they used to have a midnight matinee at the old Forum Cinema in Northenden.  Frankie Vaughan was a compere there and was also President of the Federation of Boys’ Clubs.   Does anyone else remember this?