Borderline Case

a  Memoir by:
Stuart Charles Yearsley
Begun June 1999, two months short of my 53rd birthday.
(Re-visited and revised November 2016)

The following is possible, only because of my enquiring mind. I have always been inquisitive, nosey even.  Whenever I wanted to know something, and I always did, I asked. And asked and asked. I wanted to know the why, how, where and when. But mainly, WHY? “Because ‘Y’ is a crooked letter.” My parents would often say, as I drove them to distraction.  Nowadays I find it difficult to remember what I did yesterday, or even five minutes ago. The answers to those early questions, though, and the things which went on around them, are as fresh in my mind today as they were then.  Don’t expect the chronology to be spot on, it won’t be. Just enjoy, with me, this journey down my own personal memory lane. May luck, and a fair wind, be with us. You may find some of the following disturbing, or even shocking, for various reasons, but it is a real story, of a real life, warts and all.

                       “Eventually, all you have left are your memories, and in the end they too are gone.”

Written between June 1999 and December 2000. This was originally intended to be the first of three parts. The other two will now never be written and so this one must stand alone.